Waxing With Hard Wax

hard-wax While soft wax delivers excellent results in removing unwanted hair from the arms and the legs, for some of the delicate areas such as under arms, bikini region and the face, soft wax waxing is not just inappropriate but can also be quite painful.

That’s where hard wax waxing steps in to help you to painlessly remove hairs from these delicate areas.

How to get going

Before we elaborate on this topic and provide you with some useful tips, we would like to stress on one thing that you must never compromise with the quality of hard wax that you buy. Go in for the best quality even if it calls for a few extra dollars. Also, if your budget allows, then you must buy a professional wax warmer, because heating up hard wax in the kitchen can be quite a messy job.

As for the process, warm up the wax on a low heat setting till it turns liquid. In the meantime you can cleanse the area on which you plan to work. The skin should be absolutely clean, so if you feel the need you can always go in for an antibacterial solution to cleanse the skin.

You can use a spatula to spread the wax on your skin, but before that you must check the wax for its temperature, or you might end up scalding the skin.

As we mentioned earlier this method is relatively less painful, than soft wax method, because you don’t need to pull it off with a jerk. When the wax has cooled down and set, peel it off gently in the direction of the hair growth. If some hairs are still left behind, then you can repeat the session once again.

And although hard wax waxing doesn’t cause much pain or inflammation of the skin, still  you mustn’t forget to apply some soothing cream or olive oil to the treated area.

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Sidharth Thakur