Watches – Men’s Fashion Trends

There has been a old saying –“Dress that maketh a man”. It is true indeed –what we are comes out vividly from the dress and accessories we carry in our day to day life.

In here let us try to differentiate the groups of men according to the wrist watches they prefer. “The Patek Philippe look” –the man with the Patek look is the person always patiently waiting and has the mental preparation to wait and wait for the best deal.

He had saved and sacrificed enough to gain ownership of the Knightsbridge flat by surviving on a minimum rent for a room more significantly a shoebox at Hounslow. This man had been wearing his M&S suits altered innumerable times so as to amass a significant amount of funds to spend on a set of decent Henry Poole three pieces.

This man is a saver –he won’t by any chance join his old school pals to a lunch in Michelin starred restaurant that can be ill-afforded by them and would be trying to make an impression on the waitress by showing off their new Rolexes.

Instead this Patek man would be happy munching home-made sandwiches and watch the savings of his fund in an excel sheet those that he has made for the last five years. Others would possibly settle for less and have ended up buying flats in Battersea and have bout an Aquascutum instead of waiting for a Savile Row. This man however relishes his saving spree and enjoys wearing his old timepiece and his absent in all the expensive gatherings so as to save money for his modified XK140.

“The man known as Breitling Cronograph” –this man should not be mistaken as a brute, although he loves to be known so. The man possesses an expensive membership to a posh gym which includes his weekly sessions with a much experienced boxing trainer. He would be enjoying showing off his bruises and cuts at the first chance he gets.

He is always craving for attention and successfully sports a chilly masculinity in every style of his; the man is slick, with made-to-measure blue or grey two-piece suits. The Cronograph man thinks waistcoats to be too fussy to wear.

The man sports a Superocean Heritage timepiece from the house of Breitling as a piece of masculine metal hunk symbol. He has an air of individuality in every step he takes and every move he makes he demands attention.

And then there is the “The Vintage Rolex” man happy to be in the retrospectives of old-school style.