Warm Up With Winter Decor

Just a little change here and there in the décor can help to adjust with the change of seasons and also gives a novelty to one’s living room and home without being much too heavy on the purse. It also uplifts one’s spirits by changing the décor and style of the home with seasons. Here are a few ideas which can guide one to enjoy the chilling winters by staying warm and cozy within the interiors.

Winter creates a sense of gloom and coldness around. With Christmas and New Year celebrations lot of activities and frolic surrounds us. But with the celebrations over and back to routine life one can begin to feel quite depressed with the chill all around. The best option is to continue the feelings of warmth created during the festive and holiday season.

One can keep separate sets of upholstery for the summers and winters; while during summers it’s soothing to see soft, gentle, pastel colors around during winters it warms us up by creating more of bright, warm colors around. Use as much as fiery colors like red, golden, orange for the curtains, sofa covers, bed covers, throw pillows etc.

Carpeting the floors is one of the best options to keep the room warm and keep the heat absorbed. Velvet and heavy fabrics also give a warm and cozy feeling by keeping the heat trapped. Take out the entire collection of intricate and lovely wooden artifacts as these will create a sense of warmth and make the winter décor more substantial and meaningful.

Putting up bright colored paintings; ones that reflect warmth and festive feelings can add to the value of the winter décor. Create symmetry between the furniture by making them in closed patterns rather than open ones. This will impart a warm and cozy feeling.

One can really experiment with winter décor in many ways; lights can be used to the maximum to create warmth and brightness all around. One can use a traditional chandelier or can just arrange potted lights or pine cones on the mantle piece to pursue the festive and holiday spirits! Winter is the time to create beautiful fire places that not only gives warmth but also gives a beautiful ethnic look! Have as much as candle light dinners and light aromatic candles around. Apple or cinnamon sprays can just augment the warmth.