Walking With Elegance

So your problem is that you have tried different dresses, different makeup and still you don’t look graceful. Well that’s because you can never look sexy and graceful unless you know how to carry yourself. People judge your personality and level of confidence from your posture and poise. So that is one area that you must pay attention to, to create a positive impression of yourself on other people around you.

And the first lesson is to stand tall and stop that bad habit of wriggling and slouching when moving around. The perfect posture to look elegant and sexy when walking is to squeeze in your abdominal area, throwback your shoulders slightly without making your chest to stick out and hold your head high. While this posture is definitely elegant, it is healthy too since slouching can lead to several back problems. The additional advantage is that this posture is that it facilitates proper breathing, by giving your lungs a chance to breathe their way to the bottom and absorb as much oxygen as is needed by your body.

It’s not easy for anybody to change the way they have been walking for years and may require some time and effort to get into the right posture. During the initial days, you will consciously maintain the new posture the moment you are stepping out of your house, but once you get busy with your work you may end up slouching again. How about doing some practice sessions every day at home? And soon you may see the right walking posture becoming an integral part of your character. During practice sessions you can even try placing a few books on your head to align your body, reduce the bounce and get that perfectly graceful walking style.

As for foot placement, there is no need for you to place one foot precisely in front of the other foot unless you’re planning to walk the ramp. Just imagine a line drawn on the ground, and your feet must fall as close to the line as possible on either side of the line. And always remember that your toes must point outwards and never inwards if you want your legs to appear straight.

Sidharth Thakur