Vitamin K Cream – For Beautiful Skin

Vitamin k cream is a skincare cream, which is used to treat different types of skin conditions. The main ingredient in his cream is vitamin k.

Vitamin K cream can even out all kinds of skin imperfections.

The liver uses vitamin k to produce vital proteins, which in turn helps the blood to clot faster and prevent hemorrhaging. Vitamin k is derived from two sources; the food that we eat and from the bacteria that is present in the intestines. Broccoli, spinach, liver and turnips are few of the dietary sources of this vitamin.

Vitamin k is necessary for healthy skin. This essential vitamin also protects the skin from the damages caused by free radicals.

Doctors advise patients who have undergone any surgical procedure, to apply vitamin k cream, to prevent any bruising to the skin and to ensure that the pooled blood is re-absorbed into the system faster. Vitamin k cream can also be applied on everyday bruises to prevent the formation bluish patches.

Spider veins, varicose veins and broken capillaries can mar the skins natural beauty. Application of vitamin k cream ensures that these skin problems are treated effectively.

Topical application of creams containing about 1 percent vitamin k, can accelerate the healing of scars, bruises, skin burns and rosacae. It can also be used to combat skin irritation and stretch marks.

There is a common misconception that applying vitamin K cream before laser surgery can minimize skin bruising which happens after the surgery. However this is not the case. To get the full benefit of vitamin K cream, it should always be applied before and not after surgical procedures to diminish the formation of scars and to reduce bruising.

Many eye creams contain vitamin k. This is to combat the formation of fine lines under the eyes as also to prevent the formation of dark circles. Dark circles occur when the blood vessels around the eye region are damaged leading to the formation of dark patches.

Eye creams containing vitamin K and retinol as active ingredients are beneficial for combating the common problem of under eye dark circles.

Consult your dermatologist before using skin care products containing vitamin k. You can buy a range of skin care product containing vitamin K from cosmetic shops, local drugstores, and even from online retailers.