Vintage Wedding Jewelry – What To Look For And Where To Find It

Vintage wedding jewelry is getting popular as it gives you the fresh and unique look you desire.

Right from fancy brooches to pearl chokers and sparkling bangles, there’s a variety of vintage jewelry used in weddings. This article lets you know about the vintage wedding jewelry to look for and where you may find and shop for such antique pieces.

Vintage wedding jewelry to look for

You should look for the jewelry that matches your wedding dress. You can go for pearls which give the spark that adds on to your beauty. Pearl, silver or platinum may be the right choice if you put on a white colored wedding dress. A combination of pearl earrings, a necklace along with a sparkling vintage bracelet will give the perfect look you desire!

The vintage necklace you choose should match the neckline of your wedding dress. For instance, if your dress has a V-neck, then you should go for a pendant necklace. In addition, you may go for vintage tiaras or bridal crowns made from gold, platinum, silver, etc. To make it look more graceful, you can have some crystals, diamonds or ruby scattered on the crown.

However, you need to think about your budget as well. If you can’t afford to use diamonds or ruby, you can go for various replicas that are widely used to give your vintage tiara the excellent look you crave for.

Where to find vintage wedding jewelry

Vintage jewelry isn’t that easy to find. To begin with, you can visit estate sales where a deceased person’s belongings are sold off through an auction. You can check out advertisements in local newspapers regarding when and where such estate sales are to be held.

Next, you can visit the local jewelry shops which sometimes keep a collection of some antique pieces that they have traded in when people coming to their shops purchased new jewelry. One of the best ways to buy vintage wedding jewelry is to check out online stores where you’ll find variety as well as quality.

Vintage wedding jewelry gives you the impression that it’s more long lasting in terms of quality since it has been created years ago and has survived ages. It’s something that can surpass the variety of design and intricacy with which modern jewelry is being created.