Vintage Wedding Dresses – Tips To Choose The Best Attire

If you’ve always admired the elegance of the bygone era, and you’d like to choose a stunning outfit for your wedding, you may go for vintage dresses.

Vintage wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles. This article provides you with the tips to choose the best vintage dress for your wedding.

Tips to choose the best vintage wedding dress:

When you choose a vintage dress, make sure you check the measurements, as these dresses are sized differently compared to the size of the dress you usually wear. That’s because people are heavier than they used to be thirty years ago. So, sizes of such dresses may be smaller.

In that case, you can get help from a creative seamstress to make the dress slightly bigger. If you’re buying vintage wedding dresses from an online store, you’ll find the measurements already mentioned on their websites. So, you can easily check and get your dress altered if required.

Another thing to consider when buying a vintage dress is whether there are deep stains on it. Sometimes, there may be buttons missing; it is really hard to find the right substitutes for such buttons. In these cases, you should choose some other vintage wedding dresses.

If you find vintage dresses that are delicate to handle because of their old fabrics, you may simply go for a reproduction of that dress using other fabrics. In addition, you can have vintage laces and decorative items or designs added to your dress. It’ll make your dress long lasting as well as give it the romantic look you desire.

Now, when you choose the vintage dress, make sure it matches the theme of your wedding. For instance, if the wedding theme is Victorian, you should go for a sweet and quaint dress. Make sure the dress has puffed sleeves along with high necks. But if you’re looking for something that matches the style of the seventies and eighties, then you should go for flamboyant colors.

The key to choosing some of the best vintage wedding dresses is to look for the ones that need minor alterations. Also, make sure the prices of such dresses are appropriate considering their age and condition.