Vintage Fashion For Your Workplace

vintage-clothing Since, business casuals are the standard dress code with most organizations today, adding in a bit of vintage touch to your professional clothing has become fairly easy. The flexibility of mixing and matching things, which you enjoy with business casual dress code, is great news for all the vintage fashion lovers. And for the diehard vintage fashion lovers, we have some tips on how to infuse vintage clothing into your daily workplace clothing.

Look for flexible and evergreen pieces

When picking up vintage clothing, be particular that you pick up only the evergreen and the sober styles in solid and neutral colors, which can be easily embedded into everyday workplace clothing. The usual items that you should be looking for are skirts, long dresses, jackets and accessories. Instead of picking up exquisite styles, look for sober designs which are less likely to go out of fashion.

Vintage clothing is an investment

Remarkably, there are some vintage styles which never go out of fashion such as the boxy channel style jackets, woolen suits and leather sports coats. Once you pick up the right pieces of vintage clothing they will last you for years, however the key to the whole affair is picking up the right pieces.

Fabric concerns

Till a few decades back, polyester and rayon were the most popular fabrics used in fashion wear. However, as of today these fabrics are somewhat unacceptable both in terms of fashion and professionalism. So look for vintage clothing that is in natural fabrics like cotton, wool and silk. And as for the colors, leave the vibrant shades and heavily embellished accessories for parties, making some simple choices for everyday work-wear.

Learn to wear vintage clothing

There is no fancy dress party going on at your office, so avoid decking up in vintage clothing right from head to toe. You need to learn to mix and match vintage clothing and accessories with the present day business casuals, for an apposite professional outlook. A prudent way to using vintage clothing and accessories in your office wear is to limit the number of vintage items to just one, and let everything else be modern.

Sidharth Thakur