Vintage Clothes- Shopping Tips

I remember digging through my mother’s closet as if it were a gold mine. Just about all the clothes that she had in there from her teens were clothes that I loved to wear when I was in my teen years. I remember this one red dress in particular. It had an empire waist line and big black buttons.

I felt like a million bucks when I wore that dress. However, now that I don’t fit in any of the clothes anymore, I go to thrift shops to get all the vintage clothes that I can lay my hands on.

Well, like me, the first place that you should look for vintage clothes is your parents closets.If you don have access to it or they don’t have clothes that appeal to your sense of style then there are plenty of thrift shops to look into. However there are certain skills that you will require at these stores and I have a lot of advice to share.

Remember, a thrift store will not have a fancy changing room like a departmental store so it is in your best interest to dress in clothes that will help you to try on the clothes at the store with ease.

I recommend wearing leggings with a tank top and a jacket.This outfit will help you to strip down with ease and try on skirts, tops, blouse and dresses without the need to go to a dressing room.

Thrift stores are often not very well designed and clothes are dumped on the racks instead of being displayed. You will need to look at the clothes closely before you decide on what you want to buy. Touch the garments to feel the quality and texture. Pull the garments at the seam to check the durability of the cloth. You also need to check the labels on the clothes; this will give you a fair idea on how to maintain them and clean them.

After you decide on the vintage clothes that you would like to buy, check out the price and try and bargain for a better deal.

Once you get home with your vintage gear dump the clothes for a wash directly to get rid of any odor or stains on them. Remember, someone else has worn those clothes so it is in your best interest to clean it well before you wear it or put it in your closet with your other clothes.

And remember to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you the next time you go shopping on a vintage clothes hunt.