Various Hair Detox Treatments For Ensuring Healthy And Beautiful Hairs

Various Hair Detox Treatments

Various Hair Detox Treatments For looking beautiful, attractive and stunning, beautiful hair is one of prerequisites. Many steps have to be taken for keeping hairs soft and shiny. For example, hairs have to be washed regularly for removing dirt and grease.

Hairs have to be conditioned for keeping them moisturized, which add to their softness. Hot oil treatments are also done for nourishing scalp and hairs and for making them soft and manageable. Apart from these treatments, it is also necessary that toxic substances that accumulate in hairs and scalp are removed regularly. Building up of toxic substances can affect the growth and texture of hairs considerably.

There are many reasons due to which toxic substances get accumulated. For example, improper hygiene, pollution and use of different types of styling products containing chemicals are some of commonest reasons for building up of toxic substances. These toxic substances are quite harmful but these can be removed through different types of hair detox treatments. These treatments can easily be carried out at home.

Various Hair Detox Treatments for Ensuring Healthy, Strong and Beautiful Hairs

It has been observed that most of shampoos available in market contain silicone derivatives. Silicone derivatives add sheen and luster to hairs perfectly. Hairs are coated in a plastic like rap and thus, do not loose their shine. However, application of silicone derivatives is considered as harmful, as it can cause cancer. In other words, if hairs are washed with shampoos containing silicone derivatives, they would definitely contain toxic substances.

Regular shampoos also contain some other toxic substances. For example, Propbylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Tetrasodium are some of toxic substances that are contained in 99% of regular shampoos.  Thus, first step towards detoxifying hairs is to avoid these shampoos. Many people use natural shampoos that are devoid of all types of toxins.

Though these shampoos are recommended, application of these products makes hairs knotty and dry. For making hairs soft, either hot oil treatment or conditioner should be used. Since hair conditioners also contain chemical compounds, they may also lead to build up of toxins and thus, should be avoided.
There are some natural hair detox treatments that are considered as better than natural shampoos. One of best hair detox treatment is done using apple cider vinegar, sea salt and baking soda.

In a bath tub, one cup of sea salt and apple cider vinegar and two cups of baking soda are added and hairs are allowed to swish around in the mixture. After ten to fifteen minutes, hairs are rinsed with water. Alternatively, a person can add one teaspoon of sea salt and apple cider vinegar each to one cup of water containing two cups of baking soda. This mixture is applied on hairs and left for ten minutes. Hairs are then rinsed with water for removing all types of toxins.

Various Hair Detox Treatments For Ensuring Healthy And Beautiful Hairs

Similarly, paste of baking soda and shampoo is also effective in detoxifying hairs. For application, one teaspoon of baking soda is added to two teaspoons of shampoo. This mixture is applied on hairs and left for fifteen minutes. Hairs are then rinsed with water. Some people also use paste of purifying clay mask and shampoo for detoxifying hairs. For preventing toxins, detox treatments should be carried out regularly.

For avoiding large build up of toxins, natural hair care products should be used that do not cause any allergic reaction or dandruff. After detoxifying, nourishing hairs and scalp is also necessary for making hairs strong and healthy. Though many types of hair nourishing products are available in market, they may also be not devoid of chemicals. Homemade nourishing treatment is considered as best for applying on detoxified hairs.

Ingredients needed for this treatment are egg, olive oil or almond oil or avocado oil, apple cider vinegar and real lemon juice. In a blender, one raw egg, two tablespoons of olive or almond or avocado oil, one tablespoon of real lemon juice and apple cider vinegar each are mixed. These ingredients should be mixed thoroughly for making a uniform paste. For application, hairs are wetted and this mixture is poured on hairs.

It is then massaged gently on the scalp with the help of fingers. Each strand of hairs should be coated with this mixture. If hairs contain any dry ends, generous amount of mixture should be used. After leaving this mixture for two to three minutes, hairs are rinsed with water. Result is shiny, soft and manageable hairs. Another hair detox treatment is done using ripe banana, grapeseed oil and cling film.

One ripe banana is added to two teaspoons of grapeseed oil and mixed well for making a thick paste. This paste is massaged into hairs and scalp. Afterwards, hairs are covered with a cling film and left for ten minutes. Using a mild shampoo, this paste is removed from hairs. One toxic substance that is commonly contained in hairs and scalp is chlorine. Chlorine is considered as very harmful and makes hairs brittle and dry.

However, chlorine can be removed from hairs by using natural products containing sea kelp or sea anemone. Removal of chlorine leads to shiny and soft hairs. Ultraviolet rays of sun are also considered as very harmful for hairs. There are some natural hair care products available in market that prevents ultraviolet rays from affecting hairs. People who are exposed to sun for hours together must use their products, which act like a sunscreen. It is to be understood that exposure to sun also enhances building up of toxic substances found in atmosphere.

Rosemary and lavender oil are also effective in preventing build up of toxins. Thus, natural hair care products containing these should be applied regularly on hairs and scalp. If shampoo containing these is not available, a homemade hair mask can be prepared using these. It has been commonly noticed that for passing the drug test, people detoxify hairs using special types of shampoos and other similar products.

However, it is always advised that a person should not rely on these products. Though these over the counter products may remove some tracts of drugs and environment pollutants from hair follicles, 100% results are not guaranteed. Even if these products have to be used, these must be applied some hours before the test. Results of these products vary greatly.