Using Exfoliators To Get A Clean And Clear Skin

An important part of skin care program which repairs skin damage and removes dead cells is exfoliating. And the good news is that when you’re not willing to buy those expensive skin exfoliating products from the market, you can always make some of your own at home with commonly available ingredients, mostly found in your kitchen.

Skin exfoliators are also commonly known as face scrubs, and you can understand them well as a hybrid of face cleansers, which carry out the additional task of removing dead skin cells apart from the regular job of cleaning grease and dirt from the pores. Removing of dead skin is essential for a good skin health because this promotes growth of healthy new skin cells. The action of skin exfoliators is somewhat abrasive, as they remove the top layer of dead skin, and that’s the reason they’re popularly known as face scrubs.

A brilliant recipe to make your own face scrub is to mix equal amounts of sea salt and lemon juice, and it’s ready to be rubbed onto your face. For a variant of this, replace the salt with powdered sugar, and if it is brown sugar the results will be even better. You can even make your space scrub even with a spoon of baking soda mixed with a pinch of salt and some water.

Whether you are using a commercially made skin exfoliator or a homemade version, using it in the right way is what will decide how successful you have been in exfoliating your skin. To begin splash some water onto your face and then take a little bit of the exfoliator onto a piece of bathing sponge and rubbing it on your face in a circular motion. If you feel like spending a little bit of money, get yourself exfoliating gloves which are specifically designed to help you get better results.

One precaution to observe is not to go too close to your eye area. Don’t over scrub your face, and when you think you’re done rinse off your face with warm water. And don’t forget to apply a moisturizer to sooth the skin and return the lost moisture.

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Sidharth Thakur