Tips For Using Avocado Butter For Having Great Hairs And Skin

Tips For Using Avocado Butter For Having Great Hairs And Skin

Tips For Using Avocado Butter For Having Great Hairs And Skin Avocado butter is very useful in different types of skin and hair treatments. Avocado butter has great moisturizing property. It is obtained from crushed and hydrogenated avocado flesh.

Oil obtained from avocado is considered as very rich in vitamin E, a vitamin that is utmost necessary for having beautiful skin and healthy hair. It is to be understood that vitamin E helps in stimulating the collagen activity inside body, which leads to soft and supple skin. With increased collagen activity, signs of aging are also reduced considerably.

Avocado butter also helps in removing free radicals from the body and in softening the skin. Effectiveness of avocado butter is due to its ability to get absorbed readily into the skin. Apart from hairs and face, it can also be applied on lips. As far as hair treatment is concerned, avocado butter can be used as pre-shampoo treatment or leave-in conditioner.

Since it is a good moisturizer, small quantities of avocado butter can be applied to hairs and scalp before shampooing. This application acts as a deep conditioning treatment and prevents dryness of hairs, which occurs due to shampooing. Avocado butter should be massaged gently on hairs and is left for 45-60 minutes.

It is then removed by using shampoo. For rinsing hairs, only warm water should be used, as cool or cold water can nullify the effect of avocado butter. For getting added benefits, some people also mix lavender oil with avocado butter for application. It not only enhances the moisturizing properties of avocado butter but also leaves a nice scent on hairs.

If a person has dry, curly and fizzy hairs, avocado butter can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. For application, a teaspoon full of avocado butter is massaged gently into hairs and onto scalp after shampooing. It must be applied to ends of hairs so that they get proper treatment. However, people with fine or thin hairs are not advised to use avocado butter as leave-in conditioner due to its heavy consistency. It may weigh the hair down, which makes them more difficult to manage.

For using it as a moisturizer on skin, some other ingredients are generally mixed with avocado butter. For example, jojoba oil and coconut butter are two substances that are generally mixed for increasing moisturizing properties of avocado butter. A mixture is obtained by mixing equal quantities to these to avocado butter.

This mixture is applied to warm and moist skin. It is then rubbed gently so that it is absorbed well into the skin. Hands, elbows and knees are the areas which are mostly treated through this mixture. However, it can be applied to any body part that has become dry.

Even some people apply avocado butter mixture directly to cheeks in winters for preventing dryness. For getting shiny and moisturized lips, small quantity of avocado butter is applied directly to lips. It can be used many times in a day for preventing dryness. For preventing harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of sun, avocado butter is also used as a natural sunscreen, as it enhancing UV-A and UV-B absorption activities in skin. Even some synthetic sunscreens also contain avocado butter.