Uses of Turmeric

turmeric Turmeric is known to have many medicinal properties. It has been seen that throughout the centuries, turmeric has been used in various beauty treatments.

Turmeric is said to contain certain components that help in accentuating one’s skin color. No wonder – all the innumerous fairness cream  advertisements that we get to see boast of containing turmeric. The best part about turmeric is that it is inexpensive effective.

As per Indian rituals, the bride is smeared with turmeric paste on the day of the marriage as it is believed that turmeric is good for skin. It even enhances skin tone and gets rid of blemishes as well as acne. Experts claim that you should have chopped turmeric in empty stomach. This is said to cleanse the blood and purify you from within. As a result, you get blessed with a glowing fair skin. Most fairness and beauty creams claim of being made with turmeric paste.

Turmeric paste is supposed to have certain antiseptic features. For ages, it is believed that turmeric paste helps for healing wounds and scratches. In fact, there are many band-aids that have turmeric paste on them now a days. Applying turmeric paste on burns or wounds soothes the skin and helps it to heal faster.

Turmeric paste when mixed with neem and applied on the face is an excellent facemask. To get the best results, you will need to keep this mask for a span of 30 minutes and then rinse off with rose water.

One needs to be extra careful while taking off turmeric mask. Turmeric is known to leave a yellow stain on the skin very easily. Ensure that you wash your face a number of times after applying this facemask.

Try using turmeric in your daily beauty regime and notice a glowing and brighter skin.


  • Caroline

    Oh wow, this is actually something I have been think a lot about lately. My skin just does not seem to glow anymore and I am only in my young thirties. Ug. I refuse to wear anything now that is not organic and natural and one that carries a seal of approval from the cosmetics database. So, I am searching for a natural substance. Sounds like this might have to be something that I at least try! My favorite natural skin cream right now for my aches and pains the Topricin natural pain cream. They also have one for my feet which is great too- now I just need my face product.

  • Its a nice home remedy to get a glowing fair skin.
    Its really a useful tip