Useful Tips For Applying Airbrush Makeup At Home

Useful Tips For Applying Airbrush Makeup At Home

Useful Tips For Applying Airbrush Makeup At Home Airbrush makeup is considered as one of best makeup applications for getting flawless looks. Most of celebrities go for airbrush makeup so that they can have even complexion.

After applying makeup, a woman feels as if she has got a new layer of skin on face.  Most of professional makeup artists also use airbrush makeup for improving looks of their clients. Home airbrush makeup kits are also available in market, though these are bit costly. While applying airbrush makeup at home, certain tips should be followed so that really flawless skin is obtained.

Useful Tips for Applying Airbrush Makeup at Home

Before applying airbrush makeup, skin should be prepared first. Face should be washed with mild face wash. Light moisturizer may be used after washing face for smoothing out the skin. If skin of a woman is oily, instead of using a moisturizer, pH balanced toner should be used.

While applying airbrush makeup at home, a woman must remember that sometimes less is more than required. In other words, excessive makeup should not be applied, as face is not to be painted like a car. Delicate and precise application helps in getting beautiful looks. If a woman has fair complexion, applying airbrush foundation only can provide desired looks.

It should be understood that most of airbrush cosmetic products are silicone based and this is the reason why they look like skin. After airbrush foundation has dried up, if a woman feels that her face still looks washed out, she can go for airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup should also be applied with slow and even strokes.

As a last step, blush may also be applied evenly to cheeks. Instead of using traditional nail polish, a woman can go airbrush her nails also. For ensuring smooth and even flow of makeup through the nozzle, it is necessary that airbrush equipments are cleaned regularly. Since different brands offer different types of airbrush guns, manual should be consulted for cleaning airbrush equipment perfectly.

All types of airbrush guns have small compartment for holding liquid makeup. This compartment should be thoroughly cleaned before filling any type of liquid makeup. If this compartment contains any hardened makeup, it should be washed with warm water. This warm water should be sprayed out of nozzle. If nozzle is not cleaned regularly, hardened makeup may clog the gun.

Many estheticians recommend that some airbrush makeup should be test sprayed on hand for ensuring its even application. Results obtained through airbrush makeup depend largely on the manner in which airbrush gun is held and used. Short, stead and even strokes should be made while applying airbrush makeup. Hairbrush wand should be held a few inches away from the face. It should be swept from side to side in a slow manner.

For avoiding blotchy areas containing uneven makeup, airbrush motion should never be ended directly over the skin. Rather, it should be ended by continuing airbrush motion an inch beyond the skin. It is said that practice makes a man perfect. It is true in case of airbrush makeup also. For perfect results, it is also necessary that perfect kit is bought. Thus, some homework should be done before purchasing any kit. If airbrush equipment allow for mixing of two or three colors, this facility may be utilized for enhancing the looks.