Useful And Easy Steps For Preventing Dark Underarms

It is an established fact that women are beauty conscious. Even men are now taking care of their skin in different ways so that they can look attractive and stunning.If a woman has dark underarms, it can really be very embarrassing, especially when she wears sleeveless shirts or tops very often.

Even in some cases, other people also point out about blackening of underarms.This is one of worst comments a woman can get. There are many reasons due to which dark underarm is caused.

For example, poor hygiene, pollution, and sweating are some of commonest reasons for dark underarms.Women also use different types of perfumes, deodorants and antiperspirants, which also leads to blackening of underarms.There are some steps that can be taken for preventing dark underarms as well as for treating them.

Useful And Easy Steps For Preventing Dark Underarms

For preventing dark underarms, a woman must try to avoid all the causes that leading to darkening of skin. For example, excessive use of perfumes and antiperspirants should be avoided. Underarms should be cleaned daily with soap so that no dirt or dust gathers. After washing, underarms should be wiped with towel or some other cloth.

While moving out, some protective covering should be worn over sleeveless clothes. Since buildup of different types of toxins also lead to blackening of skin,especially at underarms, plenty of water must be drunk daily. Water helps in removing harmful toxins from the body.

Plucking or shaving of hairs is also one of major causes of dark underarms. Thus, underarms must not be shaved. Rather, underarm hairs should be removed through waxing. Hairs are removed from root through waxing and thus, underarms do not become dark.

Lemon is one of most effective substances for preventing dark underarms. For application, fresh lemon is cut and its slice is rubbed on underarms gently for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, underarms are washed with warm water. Lemon slice can be applied two to three times in a week. Regular use helps in removing dark and dull skin.

Cucumber juice and turmeric are also helpful in preventing dark underarms. For application, cucumber juice and turmeric powder are mixed so as to form a paste. This paste is applied on underarms and left for half an hour.

Afterwards, underarms are washed with warm water. This remedy is quite useful in removing bad odor of underarms also. When use regularly, it also treats blackened skin.

Baking soda and vinegar are also effective in preventing darkening of underarms. A paste of baking soda and vinegar is made by mixing equal quantities.This paste is rubbed on underarms and left for 20 minutes.

Underarms are then washed with warm water. This remedy is very useful in lightening darkened underarms. Similarly, paste of rose water and sandal powder can also be applied on underarms, which has similar effects.

Some women also apply paste of curd, gram flour, turmeric powder and milk on underarms, as it also helps in preventing dark underarms.Last but not the least, tight clothes should not be worn, as these also lead to darkening of underarms.