Use Face Masks To Get A Smooth And Glowing Skin

Using face masks has been the most widespread practice for skin care from historical times. They were increasingly used by most Queens and princesses, who find reverence for their extreme beauty in most historical records. Herbs were collected, and processed to make special face masks. But that was royalty, and we don’t have all the time in the world to go out and collect herbs to make those special face masks.

Thanks to the booming cosmetic industry, there is a wide array of face masks to choose from, just the once you walk into a cosmetic store. The variety is indeed splendid, both in terms of formulations as well as price range. There are even some of the high-end facial masks which talk about using some of the rarest and the most effective herbs, which are believed to augment the beauty of your facial skin. And obviously you will have to shell out good enough amounts for these.

You can choose a face mask depending upon what your basic objective is or what your skin type is. There are specifically formulated face masks to tackle different skin problems such as those for reducing pimples, curing sun burns, reducing wrinkles, reducing pigmentation, preventing premature aging, removing blemishes or for lightening your skin tone.

A face mask is generally spread on the skin and left to stand there for fifteen minutes to about half an hour, so as to help the effective ingredients to get absorbed by the facial skin. The face masks, while helping in hydrating and nourishing the skin, also perform two other important tasks, one of tightening the pores and the other of removing the excess natural skin oil. So it is almost like, face masks have to offer you a basket full of advantages.

When applying a face mask, to your face spread it as a thin layer on your skin and always remember not to apply any kind of face mask to the delicate skin around the eyes. To find out the time for which you must keep the face mask on your skin, either follow what is given in the instructions on the packet or go by the general rule of minimum fifteen minutes.

It is always advisable, to lie down on a flat surface and keep your face still, avoiding all talking, smiling or any other facial movement. If it is a Peel-off mask, then you can remove it by peeling it off, but for all of the others use a piece of cloth dipped in warm water to wipe it off. And finally follow up with a splash of cold water.

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Sidharth Thakur