Updo Hair Styles – How To Select And Create The Best One For You

Updos are undoubtedly the popular types of hair style most women try out for special events such as wedding, prom or a party. Updo hair styles help to add on to your beauty and elegance. This article explains how to select and create updo hair styles that make you look the best.

How to select the right updo hair style

You should try finding out which updo hairstyle will add value to your face and whether your hair is long enough to try out the style you prefer. You need to find out whether your hair accessories match the updo hair style you’ve selected. Moreover, you need to check whether your face looks good when your hair falls loosely or when it is pulled back with tendrils. Whichever updo hair styles are selected for special events, you need to take out enough time to have them done with utmost care. This helps you to look the way you’ve never had before!

How to create updos for long and short hairs

If you have long or medium hair, you can go for either a partial or a full updo hairstyle. A partial updo is where you have your hair styled around your face, thus covering your face partially. Whereas, a full updo needs you to tie up your hair, thus keeping the area surrounding your face open. Some of the popular updos you can try out are the loops, French Twist, swirls or braids.

Now, if you have short hair, you’d first have to spike it with gel or apply shampoo and conditioner so that it looks as if you indeed have more hair. Next, you need to curl your hair or create waves out of it. Sometimes, using a monofiber hair extension helps to achieve the desired results. It makes your hair look lengthy and allows you to choose from a variety of updo hair styles. To make it look natural, you should purchase a hair extension having the same color as your normal hair.

Apart from using a hair extension, you can work with hair quiffs. All you need doing is to bring in a small portion of your hair near the front end of your head. Next, you should pull the hair back and let it slide forward. The purpose is to make your hair look fuller and richer!