Update Your Wardrobe- Dress Ladylike


Ladies around the globe are now wearing pants more often than at any age recorded in the history of fashion. However the ladylike fashion is making a huge comeback on the fashion scene.

If you are looking for outfits that you can look graceful in; an outfit that you can use to work or to the office then I have a few tips that may be helpful.

You can get the ladylike look by adding just a few key pieces of clothing to your wardrobe. The easiest look is the one that has a knee length skirt. The look is perfect with a flared skirt however you can choose to wear an empire cut skirt too. If you have a full figure a skirt in this style will suit you and smaller sizes can add a few curves without any effort with these skirts.

A dress with a high neck is perfect for a day or a night look. You can wear it to the office with a blazer for a formal look and with a pair of high heel shoes and chunk jewelry for the night look. Don’t wear pearls however as it will make the outfit too retro. Instead wear bright semi precious stones or jewels in precious metals.

Your hair style will also compliment the look. If you want to pull of this look then wear your hair tied up neatly. Blow dry your hair, straighten it and put it up in a pony tail. Alternatively you could also style it in a bun.

Your hair could also be pulled back with a broad hair band or a thin band with a stylish embellishment on one side. If you decide on this look then remember to wear tiny earrings and keep your make up simple.

If your outfit and hairstyle is very simple then you can wear dramatic make up. The best way to make your make up sand out is to wear red lipstick.

The best par of this outfit is that you don’t have to wear extremely high heel shoes; wear a pair of kitten heels to compliment the look and to be graceful and beautiful.