Unusual Wedding Cakes

You have finally decided to tie the knot and now want your wedding to be a truly unique and memorable affair.

So from choosing one of a kind wedding gown, to an exclusive wedding locale you have gone all out to make your wedding distinctive. The centerpiece of your wedding is the wedding cake and you want something that is completely unusual.

While the traditional wedding cake is still very popular, more and more couples are opting for unusual wedding cakes. A traditional wedding cake is white, tiered, covered with fondant, features beautiful detailing and sports traditional wedding cake toppers like flowers, dolphins, bride and groom and gold rings.

On the other hand an unusual wedding cake is one which has atypical cake designs, has exciting and unusual flavors, showcases the couples personalities or shared interests and stays in the minds of their guests many years.

Unusual wedding cakes moves away from the traditional square or round shapes and instead feature cakes which are made to resemble animals, trees, building, flowers and even people.

There are brides who want wedding cakes to resemble their wedding gowns, while a couple who are big fans of Elvis Presley may place an order for a guitar shaped wedding cake or even a cake designed to remind one of the singer, himself.

Wedding cakes resembling famous building are a big hit with couples these days. There are confectioners who design wedding inspired by famous building like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. These wedding cakes have very unique flavors. You can choose from chocolate flavor, to cheesecake, carrot or even pumpkin flavor for your one of a kind wedding cake.

If you are planning to have a themed wedding you can purchase an unusual wedding cake to reflect your wedding theme. If you are planning on an oriental theme wedding you can place an order for a wedding cake shaped like a sushi. If you are planning on a beach wedding you can have underwater inspired wedding cake replete with fish, coral and other marine life.

If you want a really wild wedding cake, then custom order a cake featuring bright colors and curvy layers. You could also do away with the wedding cake and instead serve colorful cupcakes, popsicles, puddings or other sweet treats for your wedding.