Unique And Glamorous Wedding Suggesstions

Wedding Decorations

Wedding is the day you have dreamt of your entire life and there is nothing that should be anything less than what you had dreamt of. To make that day special to you and your fiancé, and so that everyone remembers your beautiful wedding, here are a few suggestions that you would like to include in your wedding schedule to make that day perfect.

Tips For A Beautiful Wedding


Everything starting from the venue to the napkins has to be gracefully decorated. Weddings have themes, from the wide array of themes, you can pick your favorite. Most important decisions to be made are the colors to be chosen in accordance with the theme. For instance if you choose a fairy tale wedding theme, your colors would be pink, white and cream primarily.

Wedding Decorations

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The flowers, tables, the ceiling, etc have to in those hues. In fact, even the food and music have to be according to the theme. My favorite and happening themes are, the seasonal, as in, summer, winter, fall and spring, and also beach weddings, country weddings with horses,etc, rustic weddings, vintage weddings for a particular era and vineyard weddings overlooking a beautiful vineyard.


The wedding cake is one of the most important and pristine items. The classic and traditional wedding cakes which are generally white look elegant. These cakes don’t have to be white and yet would be traditional. You can choose the color for the cake and flavors according to the reception theme.

Wedding Cake

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You can add beautiful lace or bow decor to your cake and add wonder to it. Real flowers on the cake, especially for spring themes look striking. Couture wedding cakes have also been very intricately sophisticated. You can leave out the multi-tier cake for something more unique, like cakes that symbolize a memory, favorites, etc.

Music and Entertainment

At your wedding you want the guests to remember your wedding and be comfortable and have fun. To keep your guests entertained you should invest into different things. For instance, a live music band, which plays at the end of the ceremony, people can request their favorites and dance to it.

Wedding Music

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Fireworks is a popular option, at the end of the ceremony you can have fireworks or even wish lanterns which your guests can also partake in. Other options are table trivia games, good for all age guests. To keep the kids entertained, you can have lawn games. Recently, professional caricaturists and magicians at weddings have become popular.


Honeymoon destinations are a tough choice to make, everything should be proper and according to your and your partner’s preferences. Going to exotic places for honeymoons have become popular off late. Places like Kenya, Patagonia, Egypt, Morocco, India, Thailand, etc, are great options to choose from.


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In india, the best honeymoon spots are Rajasthan, perhaps a bit humid and Goa, if you prefer beaches. Again Pattaya is a great and adventurous spot for a honeymoon by the beach. Hawaii, Mauritius, Zanzibar are exotic beach honeymoon spots too. Otherwise there are other destinations like Las Vegas, Paris, Delhi, Venice, Tahiti, Bali, Mexico and Rome that you would definitely love.