Understanding Men’s Sexual Behavior

1true-love In the movies, bedroom scenes are always smooth, passionate, intimate and exciting, but that’s not really the case when it comes to one’s personal sex life.

Here is some information that will help you to improve your sexual relationships with your man, by giving you a little glimpse of the male sexual psychology.

The desire is more than physical

You might find it hard to accept, but when your man wants to have sex with you he doesn’t come to you just for physical pleasure. On most occasions a man wants to have sex with a woman he loves just to feel wanted and just to grab her affection. Now that might sound quite unlike what you have always read and known about male sexual psychology, but well it is fairly true.

The more he has sex with you the more accepted he feels, and that’s not just physically but also emotionally. Unlike women, men are never at ease to express their emotions and their deeper feelings, verbally. So when a man wants to feel close to you and wants to express his love for you he is least likely to come up to you and say “I love you”, instead he will reach out for your body and express his feelings in the form of sex.

Whenever a man wants to bond with you or whenever he wants to express his love, he may suggest having sex. There are times when you may not be in a mood for sex, but on such an occasion your rejection has to be very polite or else he might get emotionally hurt. Even if you have to say no, just cuddle up into his arms and give him a nice kiss, to let him know that your no is only for sex and not for getting intimate with him.

They won’t understand unless you tell them

While a women’s sexual system is a bit complicated, a man’s sexual system is very simple and plain. Most men don’t know how to touch or treat a woman’s body, and so you may have to guide them to let them know what exactly excites you, that is where and how hard should he touch you.

You really have to be explicit about the foreplay and the touching and caressing, because most men don’t really know much about all this. When you like something that he’s doing, you need to let him know that it is giving you pleasure by letting out some moans and groans. Initially you might feel a little hesitant to speak it out, but taking small baby steps will easily get you there.