Under Eye Concealer

Ugly under eye dark circles and eye bags can make you look haggard and gaunt. Lack of adequate sleep, too much stress and fatigue, smoking, pigmentation and hereditary factors contribute to this problem.

Fortunately under eye concealers in your beauty arsenal can help camouflage these purplish and black eye circles with ease, helping you look significantly younger and refreshed. Concealers hide facial imperfections like blemishes and under eye circles while balancing out the skin tone.

Under eye concealers are available in a range of shades and textures to suit your skin tone and type. The trick to getting that flawless, natural look is to find a concealer that blends in well with your skin. Ideally the concealer has to be teamed up with a good quality foundation cream. A waterproof long lasting solution which is a shade lighter than the foundation should be able to camouflage the eye bags and puffy dark circles adequately.

You can choose between liquid or stick under eye concealers. Ensure that the formulation is creamy and lightweight so that it glides effortlessly on the skin without standing out. A moisture rich concealer can deals with problems of under eye dryness and sensitivity. If you have oily skin, then choose an oil free concealer.

Apart from the formulation, you also need to pay attention to the color of the concealer. Your skin tone helps you judge the best concealer shade. Choose a shade slightly lighter than the skin tone for the best effect. For blue and purplish casts to the skin select concealers in shades of pale yellow and ochre.

If your skin tone is dark then caramel or soft burnt orange should work best for you. People with olive or tanned skin tones should stick to pink concealer shades. Do not opt for extremely light shades as you can end up looking like a raccoon.

You need to applying the under eye concealer with care. The correct technique will help you mask the under eye circles properly. Wash and exfoliate your face and then hydrate the under eye region with a good under eye moisturizing cream. This helps in brightening the under eye area and ensures smooth application.

Apply the foundation and blend it well into the skin. Now apply several dots of concealer under the eyes and then using a makeup sponge or your finger dab the concealer. Apply the concealer gently rather than rubbing it in. Finish off by dusting the under eye region with some fine loose powder.

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Parul Solanki