Types of Artificial Nails

Artificial nail fanatics know that they come in different forms and types, apart from the usual variation in shapes and sizes. So, what is different or special about each of them?

What makes them different from each other or what kind of nail is better than the other. If you are looking for answers of any of these questions, here are the answers to them.

Depending on how the nail is used and what they are made of, they are differentiated into various types.

One of the most popular and well known artificial nails is the acrylic nails that has been around since forever! Acrylic nails, as the name suggests are made of polymer that basically holds the fake nail along with the original nail together. For this to work, The real nails are cut in shape and filed before gluing the acrylic nail tip together with the original. Then, the polymer is applied on it which forms a film over the two nails, holding them together.

There are also gel nails which are quite different from acrylic nails. In case you are looking for something odorless unlike acrylic nails, these are perfect for you. They look natural but not as sturdy as the acrylic ones. Also, unlike acrylic that is made of polymer, gel nails are made of resins that hardens after being exposed to sunlight.

In case you want artificial nails that are made according to the size and shape that you desire, you might want to use the sculpted nails. These are usually made of acrylics or fiberglass that are painted over the nails and pulled over or lengthened with a metal foil as a base until you get the desired shape and size.

Another type of artificial nail that is made of fiberglass is the wrap nail which also comes in paper, silk or linen. These can be easily cut and shaped according to your desire and fixed along with your real nails. These are not something that can be labeled sturdy but they do have the natural look that blends perfectly with the original nail.

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