Twin Pregnancies And Higher Risks Of Complications

pregnancy-guide It is indeed exciting to hear from your Physician that you’re carrying twins, but the other side of the same coin isn’t as pleasing since twin or multiple pregnancies pose increased risk of complications.

Although, multiple pregnancies are believed to have a high risk factor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be increased complications in each and every case.

Talking about the risks associated with twin pregnancy, the most talked about and experienced complication is that of preterm labor and premature childbirth. The likelihood of having a preterm labor is nearly double in the case of multiple pregnancies as against normal pregnancies.

However, there sure are certain ways in which you can prevent preterm labor with the assistance of your health care provider. The health care provider will be able to update you on the signs that you need to watch out for and the immediate relief measures that you can carry out by yourself, before you get medical help in cases one of these signs becomes apparent.

And even if you do end up with preterm labor and consequent premature childbirth, there is still no need to panic because the medical advancements are capable enough to deal with the survival risks associated with your newborn.

The other predominant risk experienced during twin and multiple pregnancies is that of high blood pressure. This high blood pressure or hypertension can be treated with ample bed rest, and this problem generally fades away after childbirth.

Apart from these two major risks, there are several other risks which are associated with twin and multiple pregnancies but their occurrence is usually very low, such as gestational diabetes, amniotic sac related problems and placenta related problems.

Your best course however, is to get in touch with your health care provider to understand the potential risks and the preventive measures that you can adopt to avoid any complications.

Sidharth Thakur