Turning A New Love Relationship Into A Strong And Long-Lasting One

dating-faux In new love relationships, most people speak and do things that come naturally to them based on their own experiences, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach. The way you have dealt with other fruitful relationships, in the past, is valuable experience and it can help in building a strong base for your new love relationship.

However, there are times when you need the advice of an outsider to help you build a strong  relationship with your newfound love. And that’s when you either consult your friends or look for help in magazines or on the net. Anyways, we’ve got here three little tips which can ensure that your newfound love relationship doesn’t take to pieces so soon.

Learning to adjust

Once the two of you commit to each other, you will both have to make a lot of adjustments. The phase where you had to impress each other is passé, and all the rosy pictures will soon start fading unless you start creating an understanding between yourselves. In most breakups, it is seen that the relationship fell apart because at least one of the partners was not willing to make adjustments. Although that’s not always the case, you need to understand that making adjustments and understanding each other are the two pillars which provide strength to a love relationship.

Don’t take a U turn

In most new love relationships, once the two of you were committed and have moved in together, the chances are that you may want to give up that sweet image that you had created of yourself. Most people have the tendency to take their partner for granted, and thus they feel they are at liberty to shed away that sweetness and consideration which was in full swing, before they committed. Whatever image you have created in the mind of your partner, you must always hold up to that level and try not to deviate, if you want the relationship to go on smoothly.

If you want to get, you need to give

And lastly, no love relationship can survive if one of the partners goes on giving and the other one simply goes on taking without giving back anything. If you expect to be respected and loved, then the same goes true for your partner as well.

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Sidharth Thakur

  • K Miller

    What a simplistic and trite little spliff about what it takes to have long lasting relationship. For those of us who work at it every day (as two must), I am insulted that someone would treat something as important as a relationship so lightly.

    Here is just a short list of things that you fail to mention —

    1. Don’t equte sex with love — and remember that a sexual relationship early on only makes a true relationship that much more difficult to find.

    2. Your partner should be your best friend…….

    3. Jealousy is the beginning of the end to a relationship. If you are expecting them or accusing them of being unfaithful — they probably will be just that.

    4. COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!

    5. Love and fall in love with someone for who they are — not what you think you can make them become. And as the relationship moves from the “passion” stage to the more “comfortable” stage — both have to be flexible with changes that are inevitable. Oh, and just because it’s a “comfortable” stage does NOT mean that you expect a lot and give nothing. A relationship requires DAILY nutruring and care.


    7. Talk about your goals, dreams and plans. Support each other with the same fervor you seek your own.

    8. Learn that being “right” is not what matters. Either you are mature enough to be able to agree to disagree OR you will be battling for “power” the rest of the relationship.

    9. Did I mention communication???? This means that you also need to share with the other person your not so great attributes, weaknesses, and flaws. It’s not to scare them away (and you don’t need to do this on the first date), but it is a way to bring realism to the relationship.

    10. This is a TEAM committment…….not just a roommate situation with sex and tax benefits.

    And these are just the first 10 I thought of right off the bat.

    It’s complicated……..and there are no guarantees. It requires BOTH people to work and be committed.

    (Oh, and it goes without saying — know the red flags of family violence. And it is NEVER NEVER NEVER ok to harm your spouse/partner. If someone says they love you but they don’t treat you like they love you — YOU ARE IN DANGER!)