Try yoga for a rocking sex life

Want to experience the real bliss in your bedroom? Then go ahead and pick up a yoga mat and see for yourself how yoga gives fresh sparks to your libido and adds volumes to your performance. To make yoga to actually work for you, it’s best to practice it regularly with your partner. Here’s a bit of information on how yoga can give a strong boost to your sex life, by increasing your desires and uplifting your performance.

Increases your sensitivity

The breathing exercises in yoga are particularly helpful in alleviating anxiety and in lowering blood pressure. And with these two culprits walking out of your life, your body will feel more sexually stimulated and more sensitive. And better sensitivity implies a better libido. When you are stress and anxiety free, you will be more responsive to stimuli and will be able to enjoy each and every thing that you do, let alone sex.

Better performance

Yoga helps to cleanse and relax your system, thus making you more energetic and lively in turn. Yoga also boosts blood circulation, which sends a fresh wave of energy to each and every part of your body. A new and revived you, will be able to have more fun with your partner, and there won’t be any more days when you have to tell your partner that you’re not up to sex because you’re tired.

Stronger orgasms

Yoga is not only about breathing and relaxing, it’s also about fine tuning the muscles and getting back your flexibility. And the more fine tuned and more flexible your muscles are the more powerful contraction you will have during sex. As you begin gaining more control over your pelvic muscles you will enjoy better and more intense orgasms. And unlike what you may have experienced so far, you will find your whole body shivering with pleasure with each orgasm.

Elevated desire

Yoga also has a unique way of targeting your hormone producing glands, and a boosted hormone production gives a positive upward push to your libido.

So go on and let yoga make a real difference to your sex life.