Try These Low Calorie Wonder Snacks

Losing weight is only about exercise. The diet plays a prominent part and it is vital that your everyday diet is not too high on calories or fat. Does it mean that they will not taste good? Absolutely not.

To cater to those hunger pangs that tempt you, there are certain food and recipes that work all the time. Especially if you are the kind who enjoys good food, you can satiate your taste buds as well as get a slimmer waist line, both together.

All you need to know is which contains what calories. Often ideas are fraught with misunderstandings, so let us get a clearer perspective on which food is right for you.

Almonds are great hunger dousers. Take a handful of almonds and pop them. Drink water right after, and you will feel sufficiently full for some time. They are high on the health quotient as well. Cashew nuts also make for a good alternative.

Make yoghurt a part of your staple diet. They are creamy and delicious and wonderfully low on calories. Garnish it with raspberries and love every spoonful.

Stock your larder with raisin breads. Couple them with any light butter spread and munch away without a worry.

You can treat yourself with fresh fruit salad and have a ball. Mix together slices of banana, chunks of mango, grapes, blueberries, peanut butter and a dash of low calorie Whip Lite for a delicious snack. For those who love freshness in their food, no matter which part of the day, this is a great way of keeping your stomach full.

Cut apples in pieces and dip them in peanut butter. The combination is one of the favorites in the snack category. Slight raw apple which has tangy taste especially works well for this.

Add sardines on top of crackers and what you have in hand, is nourishing, filling and efficiently protein packed. A great low calorie snack that is both tasty and healthy.

Maintaining a balanced diet however still remains to be the best method of keeping fit. Do not overtly indulge in your temptations, and try these simple yet sumptuous snacks keep yourself lean and strong.