Try On Retro Jewelry For An Edge

retro_jewelry Retro fashion is everlasting and absolutely timeless, and so is retro jewelry, with intricate and memorable designs and crafted in expensive metals. The eye catching fine details and the exquisite craftsmanship make it the most sought after jewelry style.

Influenced and inspired by the royalty of yesteryears, the designs are mostly bold and opulent. And quite obviously, because of the expensive metals and gemstones used in the jewelry and the uniqueness of the designs, the price tags are somewhat exorbitant.

But then when you want to stand out in the crowd, retro jewelry can help you to get that distinctive appeal. Here is how retro jewelry stands distinctively apart form the rest of the jewelry styles.

Some noticeable qualities of retro jewelry

The metal: since gold was the most popular and the most expensive metal, most of the retro jewelry was crafted in gold. Apart form using gemstones, gold was also used in alloy form, so as to lend more color to the jewelry. Silver was also used in jewelry, but the currently popular platinum didn’t enjoy much of a fascination.

The romanticism: most of the jewelry design of that era was centered on nature and romance, so most of the designs contained symbols like flowers, animals, bows, angels, fairies and ruffles. However, some of the retro jewelry crafted around war periods was made in patriotic designs.

Gemstones: precious to semi precious gemstones were popular and were used extensively in retro jewelry to create some remarkable designs.

The size: one truly distinctive character of retro jewelry is the large and bold designs. Huge pieces of jewelry meant a lot of sense since most of the fabric of that period was heavily textured, and any light jewelry wouldn’t have been able to compliment the opulence and sophistication of such clothing.

Illusive effects: most of the retro jewelry was crafted with such wonderful craftsmanship that even tiny gemstones and diamonds seemed much bigger when mounted in gold. And the good part of this illusive effect was that even reasonably priced pieces looked quite rich and expensive.

Sidharth Thakur