Try Exciting Hair Bun Styles

Buns have never been out of trend. They are a convenient way of styling the hair which has been prevalent for quite a long time. The styles have evolved and the latest trends call for the following bun styles:

For long hair, the first type is the Basic Bun Style. This is one of the simplest buns to make. First of all, tie a ponytail behind your back with a rubber band and then twist the pony tail and coil the twist around itself. Push the remaining hair under the outside coil. You can pull the hair so that it shows over the bun as well. Then hold the bun in place and push a hair-stick diagonally downwards into it so that it touches your head. This bun works well with medium sized hair too.

Then there is the more stylish Chignon Bun. This is the style for formal occasions and despite its elegance, it is very easy to do and take care of. The first step is to smooth the hair backwards using a paddle brush. Once the hair has been straightened, hold the hair together in a ponytail near the nape of the neck and divide it into two portions. Twist and coil one of the sections onto itself and secure it with a hair stick or pin. Then do the same for the other. Any stray hair that is left can be smoothed out by brushing.

Another popular bun style for long hair is the French Bun Style. This is best suited for long hair only and not short or even medium hair. It is once again a formal bun style that can be worn on all formal occasions or parties.

To have this bun, first of all gather all your hair in a pony tail. Leave the end of the hair free and twist some parts of it. Continue twisting and lift the ponytail up, till all of hair is twisted. Hold the ends of the twisted ponytail with one hand and use the other to grasp the middle of it. Make a loop of the twisted hair and tuck the end under the loop. Secure it with a hair pin and use bobby pins if required.

Explore the myriad kinds of bun styles for a different look each time.