Troubled Love Relationships

d1 The present day love relationship scene is quite sad, and you’ll find that quite a few relationships see breakups even before the change of the season. Lifelong love relationships, which were a common feature in the past, have become exceptions in the present day world. There were times, when lovers stood by each other, through thick and thin of life, and breakups and divorces were a rare phenomenon.

Why breakups are becoming common?

That certainly indicates some problem with the modern day love philosophy and we are posed with several questions that need to be answered to figure out where we are going wrong. Here are a few things that could be the possible reasons why breakups are seen so often.

•    The relationship may have been lacking strength right from the beginning
•    Either one or both the partners had to make too much of an effort to keep the relationship going
•    The relationship was a lack of mutual feelings and everything was more centered around pleasure
•    None of the partners were willing to compromise, adjust or make a fresh start
•    Both the partners weren’t sure about each other, or what they wanted from the relationship, right from the beginning

These are just a few reasons that we’ve mentioned and there are thousands of other possible reasons leading to the higher rate of breakups.

Who should take the first step?

Let’s take a look at who is more capable of saving the relationship out of the two people involved, the man or the woman.

Men, as we know are more logically driven, while women are the hub of emotions and feelings. Based on this little fact, a man is most likely to go calculative about the time and efforts needs to spend on preventing the break-up. Quite contrary to that women, who live by emotions more than anything, can foresee the trauma that the break-up would bring along and may get into an emotional impulse.

Their action or reaction will depend on how the impulse goes, and they can easily either drift a break-up far away or they can make it precipitate earlier than anticipated.

So the question still remains unanswered, as to who should take the initiative to resolve the matter, because you need both logic as well as emotions to decide about the future course of a love relationship.

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Sidharth Thakur