Trim and Maintain Your Bangs

I can’t remember the last time I had my bangs trimmed by a professional. Bangs are the prefect way to hide a forehead that you are not very proud of showing off. Your bangs can also help you to shape your facial features and this is an asset that most women choose to have till they are well into their fifties. While it is a good idea to get your bangs trimmed by a professional don’t feel shy to run a pair of scissors thorough your hair for regular maintenance.

The first thing that you need is the tools to cut your bangs. Don’t try using tools like clippers or the kitchen scissors on your hair; that will spell disaster on your hair. Invest in a pair of shears to cut your hair, a good comb and a few hair clips.

Now, partition your hair in such a way that you have the hair that you want to cut falling flat on your face and the rest of the hair needs to be tied up with a band or clips so that you do not cut it off accidently.

Most stylists prefer to cut and style hair while it is wet but I strongly disagree. When your hair is wet it appears to be longer and thus you may end up cutting your bags shorter than you would like them. In this case it is best to trim your bangs when your hair is dry.

Style your bangs in the direction that you would like it to drop. This will give you an idea of how much and how you need to trim the hair.

Use your fingers to hold the hair is place and comb it gently till you find the hair straight. Once the hair is straight between your fingers you will need to hold it tight and then gently trim the hair. Do not attempt to cut it in one swipe. Cut small sections of the hair at a time so that you trim it in the manner that you desire.

Remember to keep your hands steady when you are cutting or trimming your bangs; this will ensure that you do not chop off large chunks of your hair.