Tribal Tattoos – The Latest Style Statement

Tattoo, as an art has become pretty famous nowadays. It was previously done as a mark of an identity during ancient time but now it is more of a fashion statement.

The question that often comes to your mind is what is a tattoo? A tattoo is a marking which is made by an indelible ink in the dermis layer of human skin. It can be done for decorative purpose or can be done to hide a body scar.

In fact tattoos can also be done on animals, which are generally used as an identification mark, while the one which is done on human body is for style and decorative purpose.

Tattoos are an age old practice and are found in various parts of the world. But it is more often found among the various tribal groups of Africa, Taiwan, Mentawai Islands, North America and other such places.

Even though there are tattoos of various designs of flowers, butterflies and symbols; tribal tattoos are the latest style statement which is being used by many. Tribal tattoos were actually done by the Egyptians, which has now become very popular.

In fact tribal tattoos are being used by people in various cultures. There are different types of designs available in tribal tattoos, the meanings of which are not easy to make out.

These tattoos were done in order to make people understand about one’s social understanding. In ancient times a hunter used to paint tattoos in order to show his victory and also the tribal head used to draw various tattoos in order to show his power and strength. Those tattoos were generally of dark colours and had various designs.

Even though there are various beliefs and superstitions associated with the tribal tattoos, with the advent of a Western culture and influence those started to disappear. Nowadays these tattoos are used mainly for decorative purpose.

Few of the famous tribal tattoo designs types are Sun tattoos, Scorpion tribal tattoos, Cross tattoos, Dragon tattoos, Tribal tattoo for men, Tribal tattoo for women, Celestial bodies, Evil creatures, Arm bands, Kanji, Mythological tattoos, Tribal frog tattoos and Tribal skull tattoos.

Apart from tribal tattoo you can go for traumatic tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, amateur tattoos, professional tattoos and medical tattoos. So just decide what tattoo you want to do and visit the nearest tattoo parlour in your locality. Choose your favourite design and get yourself noticed by drawing a tattoo on your body. It makes you look hip and modern.