Trial Hairdo for the bride

There is always a buzz in the hairdo salons with the artists working on the bride and the groom and the bridesmaids and the bride’s and groom’s moms trying to make them picture-perfect in every way. It is a moment of excitement at the salon whenever a new bridal group arrives and the artists line up to show their skills, thus turning the bride and the groom into pictures of
beauty and radiance.

Every bride is excited about her wedding dress or the wedding hair do. The hair styles have been tried out after a discussion a week before the wedding. Therefore, that is no more a surprise for the bride or the stylist. At a salon, there are also discussions on how to use the make up and the manicures and the appointments for all that is pre-scheduled. The stylist has to ensure from before hand that the bride is happy with the chosen hairstyle and it accentuates the gown she would be wearing on the D-Day and matches the earrings and the other accessories. The hairstyle should also stay on during the course of the long wedding day. If the hairdo doesn’t
do too well or stay up too well, it needs to be changed here and there on the wedding day to make the bride feel comfortable.

The hair do of the bride should also complement the other aspects concerning the wedding, like the theme, the person’s style and the gown and the accessories. A hair style that does not suit the bride will mar the show. The stylists are experienced over the years and they know very well, which style looks the best.

The condition of the hair is also very important. It makes the hairdo work out better. Before the bridal party comes in to dress up, the hair should be washed clean and dried up. The stylists then go about the work on the dry hair. The brides do not want short hair styles on the wedding day. The stylists can manage any type of hair, sparse or thin, with hair extensions. Therefore, the stylists make sure the hair is fresh and dried when the bride arrives for the hair do. The manicure is usually done a day before the hair appointment.

The headdress and the earrings must not be forgotten to be carried to the salon. The hairdo will take one and half hours and the bride is ready for the church on time. The groom and the attendants will be ready with the hair cut and the styling, a week before the