Trendy Work Shoes for Women

Working women should go for shoes which are not just trendy but are comfortable as well. Besides being all trendy, you need shoes with good support and in which your feet stay relaxed throughout the day.

Watch your heels

Ideally this would mean choosing shoes with low heels, like kitten heels, which are less dressy, yet trendy and perfect for working women. If casual dress code is what you can opt for in your work environment, you might want to pick up sandals with little or no detailing or the ones that come with rubber heels for added cushioning.

Not only are they trendy but you can be on your toes all day long – without getting fatigued.

Comfort is Prime

Ideally working women should focus on the comfort, more than the styling of the shoes that they choose for daily office wear. However keeping both in mind, here are brands who have mastered in crafting breathable trendy shoes for working women.

Take your pick from a wide range of Hush Puppies, Dansko, Merrel, Easy Spirit, Walking Cradles, Soft or Naturalizer. In order to avoid torture from your seemingly trendy shoes, look into the style features that do not hurt your feet.

Stay away from pointed toes and settle for shoes with ample room for your toes. For that matter Pumps with wider toes will do you justice. Slip-on shoes with proper padding can also be one of the great options for corporate women. They are light, comfortable as well as fashionable.

Walking Cradles get thumbs up as they specialize in sizes and widths giving you the actual comfortable fit. Tiny air pillows on the in-soles and myriad attractive designs are what fashionable working women would stand up for.

Boots could be great

Boots can also be worn in workplaces and can make you look like a diva, while your feet get the support to bear the burden of your work day. They give you a lot of protection and are yet no less stylish, and are perfect for both outdoors and extensive traveling. Boots speak a lot when it comes to versatility. Wear them with office attires – be it trousers or formal skirts.

Pumps is the name for comfort

Pumps can be pulled off equally well with the corporate look – especially for women who wish to stick to being feminine and classy. An all-purpose shoe – the pumps, can be worn anytime no matter what the season is. And these are great to wear to the office, with their elegant styling and absolute comfort.

Sidharth Thakur