Trendy Short Hair Cuts for the Autumn

If you have never had short hair, perhaps you would wonder how your look could change if you have a short hair cut.

You have to consider the shape of the face first because those women who have round faces usually look good when their hair reaches below the chin.

With longer hair the round face tends to look longer too. If you have nice neckline, jaw and also nice shoulders you could go for a short haircut as the attention goes to these places if your hair is cut short. Very short hair on a round face looks as if you are wearing a big helmet. Hence short hair for round faces should be avoided.

In case you have short neck wide shoulders or a double chin, the hair should be cut in a way that it is just above the collarbone. The long bob fashion is quite in nowadays. It is a hugely popular style.

If you are tall, that is 5′ 8″ or above have a cut that looks flattering at the chin line. Small women look nice in layered cuts because the cut is not that overwhelming and it does not cover her personality.

In case you have curly hair which tends to get all the more po-uffy when the length is shortened, you can go for a cut that is at least two inches below the chin. But curly hair looks gorgeous if it has been cut well and it does look good on many women. So the hairstylist must be chosen with precision and care so that you do not look awkward with the new hair cut.

Fine hair looks best when it is short but if you go on to cut super fine hair, it does not get right usually. With fine hair, a short cut adds lot of bounce and body to the hair. Be careful not to remove too much hair as that is not good for the volume and makes the hair look flat and limp.

Bobs are just trendy enough to give you a new classic look and feel. There are many types of bob cuts to be chosen from. Recently Katie Holmes was seen in the jawline bob which seems just her style and she looks uber-cool in that. The hair remains a little shorter at the back with good layering.

This works best on hair that is straight. There are also bangs that are blunt in nature and cut perhaps right over the eyebrow to add to the sexy look. This Bob is in vogue this year and goes up to match your rich autumn wardrobe to the full.