Trendy Long Prom Hair Styles

Trendy Long Prom Hair Styles

Trendy Long Prom Hair Styles Prom night is very important to those graduating from high school. It is a special time that should be filled with memories and fun. It is also a time of maturity where the graduates are set to move on to the next phase of their life.

The girls are especially excited over prom night as it is a great occasion to dress up. Weeks are taken to choose the gown and shoes with matching corsage and jewelry; not to mention your preferred prom date. But what is even more important for prom night is your hair style as that hair style will determine if you are really the belle or beast.

Prom Night hair styles

From experience, the prom night hair style that is most common is the ponytail style, with all hair bundled up high with cascading curls around your face complete with fanciful sequins and glittering hair clips. It may be a very preferred style that showcases femininity and prettiness but it may not be every young girl’s preference.

If all the girls sport this same hair style on prom night, it would be very dull prom night indeed. There would be no originality or creativity. Moreover, every girl is different and has different preference to distinguish herself from even her best friend on prom night. Consider the following prom night hair styles for a change.

Movie Star glamour

attractive long prom hairstyle

Every girl wishes to be like her movie star idol, walking into the prom with elegance and glamour with the most original and attractive prom hair style. As seen on movie stars at the red carpets, the preferred hair style is the soft billowing curls dropping gently on the shoulders like the great 1940s and 1950s movie stars. This style makes it a great retro style for a distinct classic showoff.

This style is what hairstyling gurus like Jesse Brigs term as “Hollywood glam” who was instrumental in developing a brand new waving technique called the S Wave Thermal. This technique is most helpful in getting the young ladies in setting their hair to get the best romantic waves for a full and flowing sexy look.

Short hair prom styles

Although long hair may seem to be the primary preference for prom night, short hair can be vivacious too if styled properly. Besides curling your short hair depending on its length and face features, another option is to consider temporary extensions that will allow you to have hair long enough to style it as you like for the look you want.

Extensions need not be long; four to five inches is sufficiently long for a good style of your choice. Alternatively, consider bonded extensions that will allow you unlimited fun with your temporary long hair for as long as three months.

With hair extensions, you are open to many hair styles. The classic straight long hair look is available while the glamorous wavy look is just as tempting. Hot rollers and curling irons with the right blow dryer for styling your hair are just the right tools to give you the desired prom hair style. Watch out for bond ends or clips that will not be exposed which will be unsightly.

Long hair styles

Long hair styles

There are many ways to style your long hair for prom. It can be left long and flowing as with beauty queen pageants or it can be pulled back in a big bun with many twists behind. Long hair can be braided and styled in various ways that can make the wearer look elegant. For curly long hair, it can be bundled all the way up to have your curls right at the back or top depending on your preference although some may feel such styles may be a bit more mature for the young ladies.

But there is so much to do with long hair. Your long wavy hair can be pulled to the side for a different imbalanced look which is trendy and appealing.
With the right dress, the hair style will strike a lasting impression. Hair positioned behind your ears or head usually give a classic look.

Curly look

Curls add body to your overall look to bring out a totally different personality that is mysterious and charming to others. Curls can be tight or loose, depending on how you wish to style them on your long or short hair. Consider your face feature and dress for the most appropriate matching look to add a distinct charm to the aplomb that is yours alone. Tight curls will ensure the style stays throughout the night while loose curls will give you a soft gentle look.

Up do styles

These are really classic looks which can be worn on any type of occasions: formal or casual. It gives the graceful elegance like Princess Grace of Monaco. It can be done with long or short hair (with extensions). Many are sporting even different colored top pieces for a newer trend. But care must be exercised on securing the pieces properly especially when you have movements through the night, like dancing.

If you have the privilege of long hairs, up do hair styles are easy. You just need to brush up all your hair before attaching a strong and perhaps outstanding hair clip to give you a luxurious look. Your hair can be pulled to the side or all the way up for a typical prom hair style of good height.

Your preferred style

There is no right or wrong hair style. It is fashion for whatever style you choose unless you want to play safe and follow the trend although it may not suit you.  There are many accessories which you can choose to add on to your prom night hair style to differentiate it from others; flowers, jewelry, ribbons, clips, glitters and pins.

Your prom night hair style should be one that will bring back great memories later in your life as you put together the dress, shoes and other accessories. There is no limit or restrictions to what you can do to spike up your prom night with a great hair style.

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