Trends in Nail Colors

When I was a teen wearing black on your nails was forbidden. It was for the lesser popular girls or for those that were popular for all the wrong reasons. Times have changed and so have trends. These days wearing colors like black, yellow and fuchsia is trendy. Here’s everything you need to know about styling your nails.

French tips are extremely trendy and sophisticated and appealing to the eyes. If you work in a formal set up or an office then you may sport French tips in traditional colors during the week. However French tips have also taken a twist. Now you need not use a skin tone or a basic pink base with white tips. You can choose the base and tips in any color that you feel comfortable in or that matches your outfit.

Reds look brilliant during the day and night so feel free to explore this color. There are various shades of red so don’t worry about not being able to find a shades that you fancy. When choosing such a bold color, remember that is must match your skin tone. Avoid reds during winter unless you are going to a party as it stands out in colder seasons more than it would in summer. Red on your toes while at the beach will make a fun flirty statement.

Pinks and lavenders give a sense of innocence and fun. These pastels can be worn on the fingers and toes during any season and at any time of the day. Yellows and electric blue and making a huge comeback and are fun during summer and festive occasions.

Nail art is very popular amongst teens and during the holiday season. Here you can freely depict your emotions on your nails. Choose to paint your nails with scenes that match your emotions or those that suit the season. Nail art can be done on all the nails of one nail on each hand; choose to pain your nails in whatever suits you best.

While it is fun to play around with your nails and get manicures often remember not to use products that will harm your nails. Do not use a nail buffer too often on your nails as it makes the nail bed thin and this can lead to the nails cracking and getting damaged. Also, don’t change your nail color too often as using cleansing products and nail colors too often can lead to the nail bed getting damaged.