Trench Coat: The Evergreen Style Statement

Trench coat is a raincoat made of heavy duty cotton drill, poplin, wool gabardine or leather.

It was first developed during the First World War. However, they are a trendy dress item for women today.

Not only do they serve the purpose that they were originally made for- which is to protect the wearer from wind and rains, but also have ounces of style. They give the visual effect of a trim figure, and are available in a number of styles and looks.

There are many ways to wear a trench coat as well. When you are wearing your favorite trench coat, you can turn the collar up to get that bold look. You can tie it at the waist for a more feminine look or you can wear it with the front open for a casual look too.

If you feel that the trench coat looks a little masculine, then you can use flats to go with the trench coat. There is also an option to use an ornate belt that will help you get even a more feminine look.

If you are aiming for the perfect style statement, then one of the finest options is the leather trench coat. They are available in different types. The first category is the Classic Leather Trench Coat. This is of the same design as in the initial days of the trench coat and it is knee-length in size and belted. It is a double breasted coat and is effective in keeping the cold air out of the person’s body.

Then there is the full length trench coat, which is not much in use, and has a masculine feel to it. It is the same as the classic trench coat, but is of ankle length instead.

The third type is the cropped leather trench coat which is the most popular amongst women. This trench coat is the shorter version of the classic trench coat and it stops at the hip bone. This is one of the most used trench coats in the summer months.

The most common leather types that are used in trench coats are suede, lambskin, deerskin and calfskin.