Trench Coat Fashion for 2010


Trench coats are hot this year. Do you know when the trench coat came into being? Apparently, it was way back in the early nineteen hundreds, the times of our great grandfathers. Ever since, it’s never completely gone out of fashion.

And this year trench coats are hot on the ramps, once again. Trench coats are recognized as a classic item and these ought to be a part of every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Wearing a trench coat

There are different ways in which trench coats can give you that elegant and edgy look. You can either cinch in your trench coat at the waist with a belt for a feminine look, or you can upturn the collar for that bold and sexy look, or you can leave it unbuttoned for a cool and casual look.

If you are conscious about your short height, better stay away from long trench coats. These can be worn on every occasion, whether you are out with your friends or are heading a social party or even when you’re going on a date.

Some women feel that a trench coat makes you look masculine and dominating, but with simple tricks like pairing a cute pair of flats with them or using an ornate women’s belt around the waist can help you look sassy and feminine.

The style element

The classic trench coat is a great item, but without getting intimidated you can try some different and unusual colors in them, to get that “class apart” look. A lot of different versions of the classic trench have arrived in the market and you should not shy away from experimenting.

However, at the same time don’t underestimate the fad value of the good old classic trench. They look great and the best part is that they are still in vogue and are likely to continue the same way over the next few decades.

If you aspire to use a trench coat with professional clothing, then you’d do best to invest in a black sleek trench coat. And, just in case you want to look like a rock star, you can go in for one with embroidered or embossed shoulders and collars.

Ladies, a trench coat is one thing that you shouldn’t give a miss this season, if you want to make your presence felt on the list of fashionistas in your college or in your workplace.

Sidharth Thakur