Treatments For Pigmentation And Skin Discoloration

Pigmentation and skin discoloration don’t usually indicate towards a serious medical ailment and won’t cause any harm to you even if left untreated. However, for beauty reasons you may want to get rid of these patches on your skin, especially so because in most cases it’s difficult to hide these patches even with makeup. Here is some information on how pigmentation and skin discoloration can be easily treated.Home treatments
Glycolic acid creams and peeling treatments are easily available at most cosmetic and drug stores. Glycolic acid creams are useful in treating smaller spots, and it needs to be used every night for about a month to get rid of the spots completely. In case pigmentation or the skin discoloration patches are large, then glycolic acid pealing treatment will make for a better choice.

These peals must be used in accordance with the detailed instructions mentioned on the pack, and most importantly the pealing agent should never be left on the skin for more than the advised application time. Pick up treatments with the lowest glycolic acid strengths, because higher strengths can often cause redness and irritation.

The other product that can prove really helpful in treating pigmentation and skin discoloration, at home, is a Retin-A based cream. In most cases the cream will have to be used continuously for a few months before the spots may completely disappear, however you may be able to see some significant lightening of the spots within a week or two.

Cosmetic procedures
Bleaching is the most commonly used cosmetic treatment for lightening the pigmentation and skin discoloration spots, and you can easily have it done at your regular beauty parlor. Ideally you shouldn’t have the bleaching session repeated before 15 days, as bleach is somewhat harsh on the skin.

Micro-dermabraison and chemical peeling are also carried out at some beauty centers, to resolve the problem of pigmentation and skin discoloration. In both these procedures chemicals and cosmetic agents are used to remove the top layer of the skin which contains the discolored tissues. About 6 to 8 sessions may be required to get rid of the spots completely, depending on the extent and the severity of the problem.

Sidharth Thakur