Treating Varicose Veins With Vitamins

varicose_veins When your problem of varicose veins is in  its initial stage, its always advisable to make changes in your everyday routine, get onto some exercise program and eat healthy, than begin popping pills for the same.

Increasing the intake of certain vitamins, in particular, has been found to be beneficial in treating varicose veins. The easy way to add these important vitamins to your diet is to get onto supplements but if you are ready to do some extra effort then you can even make your own recipe using fresh fruits and vegetables to get the needful supply of vitamins.

Here is a list of vitamins that are most needed by your body when you are experiencing the problem of varicose veins.

Vitamin A

It helps in strengthening of blood vessels and in preventing the blood from clotting in the veins. A minimum of 25000 IU of this vitamin must be consumed daily, and if you are looking for natural options to add this vitamin to your diet, try eggs, fish liver, yellow colored fruits and green vegetables.

Vitamin C

Commonly known as ascorbic acid this vitamin helps in improving the blood circulation and in strengthening the walls of the capillaries. Recommended intake of this vitamin to cure varicose veins is 1000 mg per day, and apart from citrus fruits you can get it from guavas, berries and tomatoes.

Vitamin E

This one is really essential because it helps in treating varicose veins in many ways. It improves blood circulation, it dilates the blood vessels, it strengthens the capillary walls and it also helps in dissolving blood clots. You need about 800IU of this vitamin to help with your problem of varicose veins and the best way to get it is to feast on fish and other sea food.

Vitamin K

Well that’s the last one on our top list, and it’s needed by the body to keep the blood circulatory system in good health, to prevent internal bleeding and hemorrhages. Yogurt, oats and green leafy vegetables are some foods that can supply your body with this vitamin.

Sidharth Thakur