Treating Sinusitis With Yoga

Yoga has long been gaining a worldwide popularity. There have been a lot of well known reasons of practicing these age old methodologies.

Now, there is another solid reason to practice Yoga – it helps fighting the much dreaded sinus infection, so much so as to the point of completely annihilating it.

Here are some techniques discussed that will help for sure

Downward facing posture or the “Dog Posture”: This asana has its name originated from a close observation of the dogs where they stretch themselves by a back arch and spread their legs back. Even human kids do practice it at times as a part of their normal frolic.

This asana is one easy yoga posture that can quickly be adapted even by the children let alone the adults. The asana is particularly beneficial for strengthening our body’s resistance towards Sinusitis. The asana helps in an increased blood flow in the direction of the brain and as well the sinuses.

Then there is another wonderful posture of the yoga –“The Adho Mukha Savasana”. It can be started by kneel down followed by forward bending of the body for placing the palms on floor. A better torso support can be gained by spreading the fingers during the next move.

A word of advice would be to create a distance in between ones knees equivalent to that of the person’s hip so as to check that the feet does not get spread past the hip’s width. This way a maximum stretching posture can be gained.

Now by holding the body at this position normal breathing should be continued to the point it is comfortable. The next step should be to exhale and lift the knees by making the legs completely straight and pushing the hip as much high as possible. The spine has to be completely in an alignment with the incline angle of the arms. The body now would be looking like an arch.

Now drawing the abdomen in an inward bound motion with the diaphragm moving upward, the heart of the person ideally gets pushed towards one’s back. The movement helps giving an added amount of torso stretch.

At the peak one needs to completely relax the neck muscles while allowing the head to sag between the arms. Normal breathing should be continued and one should be able to feel the flow of blood to the nasal area and the head. In this way the sinuses receive enough blood flow. This position can be held on to as long as to the point of feeling comfortable.