Treating Postpartum Depression

depression-and-women Postpartum depression can be a very devastating experience. And if the situation is left unattended, the mother may not be able to develop a strong bonding with the baby or worse still the problem may increase to such a level that the whole family will begin to suffer.

Thankfully, postpartum depression is completely curable. This condition should be taken seriously, and you must get started with the treatment at the earliest. Psychiatric help is a definite must, however if you start using some natural aids alongside, the recovery may be much faster.

The clinical treatment involves the use of a variety of methods, including medication, psychological therapies and the building of a positive social structure. Without clinical treatment it is nearly impossible to treat postpartum depression.

The health care provider will recommend some antidepressant medicines which must be consumed as prescribed. Missing out even on a single dose can make the recovery slower and the treatment may stretch out for much longer period.

While the treatment for postpartum depression is on, using some alternative treatments such as homeopathy and herbs may help in speeding up the recovery. But you need to be overly cautious about using these alternative treatments, because certain herb can have negative effects also. It is best to consult the alternative medicine therapist and use only those herbs that he prescribes.

Nutrition is another area where you need to focus so as to get effective results, because certain nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and the B group of vitamins are believed to help in postpartum depression. So make it a point to have well-balanced and nutritive diet, containing sufficient amounts of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Apart from the diet, ample rest and regular exercise are also important.  Enjoying a full eight hours sleep and sweating it out are also great stress busters.

At the time of treating postpartum depression, you need to supplement the medical treatment with natural aids, proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes, and only then can you expect speedy and effective recovery.

Sidharth Thakur