Treating And Covering Under Eye Circles

sexy-eyes Dark under eye circles not only look hideous, but they also leave you looking sick. And while, we’ve talked about natural ways to get rid of under eye circles in one of our earlier write-ups, most of these natural ways take a lot of time and do not deliver instant results. Also if your problem is genetic, then most of the natural ways may not offer much help.

So, here is some worthwhile information for you, on how to conceal dark under eye circles with makeup, as also on how to get them removed with medication or surgery.

Makeup techniques

The humble concealer, lying idle in your makeup kit, is the best tool to cover up under eye circles, instantly. The one with a slight golden touch is the best concealer shade for the purpose, but if you can’t get one with golden under-hues then look for those which have slight yellowish undertones.  Getting the right shade is most important, and don’t get anything that’s too light or your eyes will start looking pale and sick. However the shade of the concealer should be one tone lighter than the shade of the foundation.

Medical treatments

If under eye creams offer no respite, then medical treatments may hold a solution to your problem. The under eye circles can be somewhat demoralizing at times, so if no other treatment works then walk over to an ocular-facial surgeon and he may offer a permanent solution. A surgical correction of most eye skin problems is possible, and there are surgeries to cure puffiness, loose skin and dark circles. 

However if you do want to go the surgical way, be sure to find a thorough specialist who has a good reputation, because the skin around the eye region is most delicate and even the slightest mistakes can cause a lot of harm to this area. Also, the surgery will take place close to the most delicate organ that is the eyes, and surely you don’t want to take chances with your vision.

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Sidharth Thakur