Treat Yourself With The Goodness of an Eye Massage

Eyes are important and delicate and their care must be taken well enough to keep them healthy.

There are many ways to do it and even though eye massages are not as pronounced as body massages, they are really helpful for the eyes. Here are some tips to massage the eyes:

Before you massage, it is important that you wash them thoroughly so that there is no dust or dirt left that might cause irritation during the massage procedure. Use a lot of water to wash the eyes and doing this regularly also keeps them healthy.

The first method requires you to close the eyes and massage the bones of the eye socket using the middle finger. The way to do it is to move the finger upwards and from the middle of the eyebrows to the edge. Follow the same path back. This process is to be repeated at least 8 times.

The second method calls for pressing the points just below the eyebrows and count till three. This is the point that is closer to nose. Then move your fingers in circles around the eyes, especially under the brows. Do it 6 times clockwise and another six times counterclockwise. Once this is done, slide the fingers to the temples and press them for 15 seconds.

Next, press the thumb down on the crease of the eyelid. This area is right above the inner corner of the eye. Press gently and hold down for 3 seconds and then release. Repeat the exercise thrice. Five repetitions will help the muscles of this area that help you look in all directions, soothe down and help you relax.

Also, massage the hollow of the temple by moving the index finger up and down for at least five minutes. This will help your forehead area and the eye sockets relax and when you press the temple, it not being as delicate as the eyes themselves, can be massaged with more vigor, thereby causing the blood to flow in this area and relieving the stressed muscles.

Another exercise requires you to use your middle finger and gently tap the area just under the brows from left to right and back.