Treat your Scaly Lips

Scaly or chapped lips are a common problem that most of us experience every now and then.

The condition of scaly lips is called as Cheilitis. The common causes of scaly and dry lips are allergy, cold weather, nutritional deficiencies and dehydration.

Iron or vitamin deficiency, anemia and diabetes can also lead to chapped lips.  Certain lip balms, lipsticks or gloss can cause allergic reactions leading to cracks. Scaly lips may at times become very sensitive, red, sore and swollen. Also, sometimes there may be pain and bleeding from the cracks. In worst cases, individuals may find it difficult to even eat or talk.

Scaly lips are not a serious disease and can easily be treated with some quick and easy tips.

•    If you get to know that you are allergic to some lip product that you are using, change it immediately. It’s always good to go in for a good brand. Choose lipsticks or lip balms which have good Vitamin E content.

•    Include good amount of vitamin and iron supplements in your diet. If your lips are getting dry and chapped you must drink plenty of fluids.

•    Avoid direct sun exposure. Sun rays can damage the lower lips and make them dry and rough. Use lip balms that has sun protection factor in it.

•    Most of the children and some youngsters have the habit of licking or biting their lips. This must be avoided as this is one of the major causes of dry and chapped lips. The chemicals in our saliva can be harsh on the lips.

•    If your lips are getting chapped due to cold weather, make sure that you moisten your lips with lip balms.

If you are on medication, there is a possibility that it may have certain chemicals like lithium, phenothiazine may be the reason for dry and chapped lips. It’s always better to ask your doctor about these medicines.

Sometimes scaly lips need medical attention especially when the cracks appear at the corner of the mouth or the cracks get deeper and painful. This can happen due to yeast infection and requires anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment. Lips are sensitive part of the face and require lot of care. Healthy and beautiful lips enhance your beauty.

Sidharth Thakur