Treat Split Ends at Home

Split ends are a major skin problem and sadly, there is no direct solution to get rid of them without having them chopped off. A hair cut is essential to initially remove split ends from hair and then it has to be taken care that they do not appear again.

So if you have this problem, you must get your hair timed. Sadly, the problem does not end here only as this is one hair problem that keeps of reoccurring. Mainly it is because of infrequent trimming, excessive use of styling products, bad diet, etc. the occurrence of split ends can damage the whole hair texture from its roots.

The end of this is that the hair breaks because of lack of grip. Here are some solutions through which one can make sure that split ends never occur again after being chopped off. The first and the most important thing to keep split ends at bay is to have proper diet. Keep a track of a balanced meal plan that consists of loads of proteins as proteins are the building block of hair.

Drink as much water as you can and give a long break to hair styling products. The action of heat can rob the hair of its moisture which causes instant dryness so do not use heating appliances for hair.

If you are, then get regular deep conditioning hair treatments done from a good salon so that damage does not occur because of them. Also, regular hair cleaning and conditioning is essential to provide proper nourishment to hair.

You could also make use of hair repair mask once in a week to deal with hair damage. Do not comb frequently and use wide- toothed comb as much as you can.

As for home remedies, you can try out applying mixture of eggs and yoghurt. Mix them well and massage with oil till you see your hair totally covered with egg and yogurt. Keep this for 20 minutes and then wash off thoroughly with shampoo.

So this is how you can get a control over split ends of hair.