Treat Acne with Vitamins and Herbs

If you walk into a super market or drug store you will see thousands of products that claim to cure acne and pimples; however nose of these products come even close to fulfilling their promises. In order to get rid of acne and pimples your best bet is home remedies that include herbs and natural products.

If you are looking at home remedies to cure acne then there are a few herbs and vitamins that will prove to be extremely effective in healing the skin issues that you may be facing. Most acne treatments cause harm to the skin, dry them out and increase the risk of causing further harm to the skin. This can be prevented if you are using home remedies to cure your skin. As a matter of fact these home remedies cure and prevent further harm to your skin.

Vitamin A gives relief to acne prone skin. As a matter of fact if you had adequate amounts of vitamin A in your body then you would not suffer from acne to begin with. This vitamin strengthens the tissues in the skin and prevents damaging it. Carrots, red peppers and spinach are natural sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B is also helpful in preventing acne and curing acne breakouts. This vitamin helps to keep the skin well toned and therefore it prevents further breakouts. It also improves the skins renewal process and increases circulation of the cells. You can get a healthy source of vitamin B from bread, leafy vegetables and meats.

Zinc that you attain from fish, crabs, meats like chicken and beef promote natural healing and prevent acne breakouts. This is one mineral that prevents acne breakouts.

A helpful herb that will always help to cure any degree of acne breakouts is Aloe Vera. This herbal extract can be used directly on the skin to prevent and cure acne breakouts. The natural astringent and anti bacterial properties of the herb help to fight acne breakouts and clear the bacteria that harm the skin.

Lavender is another herb that helps to cure acne breakouts. Lavender has natural anti inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. The herb has properties that cure the skin rashes by cleaning he pores from deep within. It reduces inflammation and prevents breakouts.