Touchup Tips For 1950’s Pinup Makeup

Touchup Tips For 1950's Pinup Makeup

Touchup Tips For 1950's Pinup Makeup The 1950s pinup beauty look never fails to make its mark. This flawless skin, red lips and a beauty mark catches all the attention the diva deserves without making it look overdone. This easy to achieve look is easy to wear, but a bit difficult to carry off unless you love to be the center of attention on all occasions.

But wearing makeup alone is not big deal. Even if you learn to put on a look perfectly, what matters is that the look stays put even at the end of the party. Imagine yourself looking like a princess at the beginning of a party and looking bare and tired at the end of it.

This is not too difficult as this might have happened to you when you had just started wearing makeup. For seasoned makeup wearers, touch- ups are most important. So, how do we go about it for the 1950s makeup look? There is a very easy way, but the only difficulty is the beauty mark.

You touch-ups for 1950s makeup look, you kit should contain a full coverage compact, the lipstick shade you wore, tissue papers and a felt tip liner pen. When you go to the ladies room, get hold of the tissue. Start patting it on your skin which would help you to absorb the oil without smudging your base makeup.

At last, gently press down the tissue on your T-zone in order to blot the area, since this area becomes oilier than the rest of your face. Patting your face would also help blood circulation which would take off some tiredness from your face as well. Once you are done, take out your compact. Take a little on your applicator and gently dab it on the T-zone.

Now, from this area, start blending it out gently. Do this with a light hand and do not rub it, unless you want to rub off all of your base makeup. Once this is done, carefully put on the lip color as well. Try not to make mistakes with this bright colors, since you are not equipped enough to redo the lip colors flawlessly as you could do at home. If you happen to have done a mistake, with the help of the tissue, wipe it off and put some compact around the lips as well.  Be careful with the compact, as loading up too much might make you look ghostly in the photographs.

The last and the most crucial is the beauty mark. Even after the touch up, a little of the previous mark might have stayed which would easily let you redo it. But if you have lost it, do not worry. With your felt tip liner pen, redo it in the same area and possibly nearest to where the previous one was. This would not draw the attention to the slightly changed location, even if this might have happened to be the case. And we are done. The entire touch ups must not take more than seven minutes.

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