Top Ways to Get and Maintain Good Eyesight

For those who have never had to wear spectacles here are ways to maintain your eyesight and for those who wear glasses could follow the tips given here for improving their vision. Eating your greens has always been good for you.

But dark, leafy greens like Spinach, kale and collard greens contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are the two chemicals responsible for reducing risk of developing cataracts and other eyesight problems. Doctors recommend two servings a day ought to keep your peepers in good shape.

Antioxidant rich foods like blue berries, black berries, oranges and plums help minimize the effect that sunlight, UV and pollutants have on our eyes keeping them healthy and free from macular degeneration. Multi vitamin capsules are also a good way to keep eye troubles like cataracts and macular degeneration at bay as they delay the onset of cataracts in people who have a genetic tendency towards them and also slow down macular degeneration in patients.

Cutting down on red meat is not only good for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint, but is also good for your eyes and can lead to better eyesight and overall good eye health for a long time. Fish oil supplements like cod liver oil capsules or halibut or salmon oil supplements are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for keeping eyes moist and keeping eye tissue protected and strong.

Beta carotene rich foods like carrots, pumpkins, squash and butternut squash keep eyes healthy. Apart form eating right, getting protection from the harsh rays of the sun is also extremely important to keep your eyes in good shape. Choose a good brand of sunglasses which have UV protection as UV rays tend to damage the eyes the most and are the leading cause of macular degeneration and formation of cataracts.

Also it is important that the sunglasses are wide rimes enough to cover your eyes with a wide brim. Aerobic exercises are also good not only for the heart but for the eyes as well and lead to decrease in pressure inside the eyes which is the main cause of glaucoma and can thus be prevented.

Maneesha Tiwari